Our nodes are hosted on highly scalable virtual cloud servers. The relays or producers nodes can reimage on-demand with more processing power as the network continue to grow.

Security First

Security is priority number one. The network and firewall configuration isolates our producer nodes from the public. Our pool is consistently and reliably minting blocks every epoch. Stake with us and you will not be dissapointed.

High Availability

We have monitors, alerts, and automated crash recovery in place just in case any one of our datacenter-hosted servers go down. All systems have been tested and proven with exceptional reliablity in the industry.

Uptime, Alerting and Monitoring

Staking is a very safe operation that earns rewards. In a way, is like owning your own minibank. During Staking, the ADA never leave your wallet and you have full control on your ADA! You can withdraw from the staking at anytime and there is no downside

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